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Thursday, March 10, 2022

Virtual Parallel Sessions Live from Scottsdale, AZ!

NASH Connect

Impact of Chronic Liver Disease on Healthcare Systems

7:30 AM


Zobair Younossi, MD, MPH

7:30 AM

The Global Burden of NASH - Regional Disparities Related to Disease Burden

Zobair Younossi, MD, MPH

7:50 AM

Disparities in Disease Severity and Progressiveness of NAFLD/NASH Across Ethnic Groups in the United States

Alina Allen, M

8:10 AM

The Clinical Presentation of NASH in Asia -

Manal Abdelmalek, MD, MPH

8:30 AM

The Growing Burden of NASH in The Middle East & North Africa

Kathleen Corey, MD, MPH

8:50 AM

NASH in Central America, South America, Mexico and Caribbeans

Naim Alkhouri, MD

9:10 AM

Disparities in the Burden of Pediatric NASH

Miriam Vos, MD, MSPH

9:30 AM

Panel Discussion: Disparity in Disease Burden


Moderator: Zobair Younossi, MD, MPH

Alina Allen, MD; Manal Abdelmalek, MD, MPH;
Kathleen Corey, MD, MPH; Miriam Vos, MD, MSPH; and Naim Alkhouri, MD

10:00 AM


10:20 AM

Fueling the Disease: The Pandemic of Obesity
and Diabetes

Kenneth Cusi, MD 


10:40 AM

Reasons for Disparity in NASH: Nutrition and Activity Islands

Fasiha Kanwal, MD, MSHS

11:00 AM

Disparities in Test Performance: NITs for Risk Stratifications of NASH: Performance in Different Regions of the World

Mazen Noureddin, MD, MHSc

11:20 AM

Disparities in Test Performance: Transient, Shear Wave and MR Elastography for Risk Stratifications of NASH: Performance in Different Regions of
the World

Rohit Loomba, MD, MHSc

11:40 AM

Treatment Disparities in NASH

Stephen Harrison, MD

12:00 PM

Panel Discussion: Disparity in Management of NASH

Moderator: Mazen Noureddin, MD, MHSc

Kenneth Cusi, MD; Fasiha Kanwal, MD, MSHS; Rohit Loomba, MD, MHSc; and Stephen Harrison, MD

12:20 PM

Take Away Points and Next Steps

Zobair Younossi, MD, MPH 

7:30 AM

Welcome and Introduction

Sammy Saab, MD, MPH

7:35 AM

Clinical and Economic Impact of Chronic Liver Disease and Cirrhosis on the U.S. Healthcare System

Robert Wong, MD

7:55 AM

Chronic Care Management Approaches in Chronic Liver Disease

Elliot Tapper, MD

8:15 AM

Management Gaps in the Treatment of Chronic
Liver Disease

Nancy Reau, MD

8:35 AM

The Prevention of Rehospitalization of the Chronic Liver Disease Patient

Kimberly Brown, MD

8:55 AM


9:05 AM

Chronic Liver Disease and the Burden on

Community Practice

Marcelo Kugelmas, MD and Timothy Ritter, MD 


9:25 AM

Chronic Liver Disease Quality Assurances and Indicators for the Practicing Healthcare Provider

Fasiha Kanwal, MD, MSHS

9:45 AM

Innovative Models of Chronic Liver Disease Care

Ziad Gellad, MD, MPH

10:10 AM

Q&A / Closing Remarks

Sammy Saab, MD, MPH


10:30 AM

Meeting Adjourn

This activity is supported by an educational grant from Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals.

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This activity is supported by an educational grant from Merck, Novo Nordisk, and Pfizer Inc.

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